Lamelle Clarity Treatment Pack


Say goodbye to pimples and hello to clear skin with the Lamelle Clarity Treatment Pack. This comprehensive treatment pack is specifically designed to tackle problematic and acne-prone skin, clearing up to 88% of inflammatory acne lesions in just a few weeks and keeping them at bay.

Benefits and Features

  • Comprehensive Acne Solution: The Clarity Treatment Pack provides a complete skincare regimen designed to treat and prevent acne, reducing congestion and problematic skin.
  • Effective Cleansing: The Clarity Cleanser, with salicylic acid as its main active ingredient, helps remove oil and dirt from deep within the pores, leading to less congestion and fewer skin problems.
  • Daytime Protection: Clarity AM, a morning moisturiser, contains all the actives needed to treat and prevent further pimple formation. It also includes calming and soothing ingredients to target inflamed whiteheads.
  • Nighttime Treatment: Clarity PM, an evening moisturiser, includes retinol, the gold standard for pimple management. Lamelle uses a “retinol ester” that has been shown to reduce the redness, dryness, and flaking usually associated with retinol usage.

Key Ingredients

  • Salicylic Acid: This ingredient in the Clarity Cleanser helps remove oil and dirt from deep within the pores.
  • Retinol Ester: Used in Clarity PM, this ingredient reduces redness, dryness, and flaking associated with retinol usage.

How to Use

  • Clarity Cleanser: Best used twice daily to remove oil and dirt from deep within the pores.
  • Clarity AM: Apply this morning moisturiser daily to treat and prevent further pimple formation.
  • Clarity PM: Apply this evening moisturiser daily to manage pimples and reduce redness, dryness, and flaking.

The Lamelle Clarity Treatment Pack is more than just a skincare product; it’s a comprehensive solution for acne-prone skin. By tackling acne from multiple angles, this treatment pack helps clear your skin and keep it clear. So, why wait? Add the Lamelle Clarity Treatment Pack to your skincare routine today and experience the transformation of your skin.

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Additional information



Full Ingredients

As per individual products.

When to Use

Clarity Cleanser – AM, PM. Clarity AM – AM. Clarity PM – PM. Active control – when needed.


Sensitivity/allergy to any of the active ingredients. Pregnancy and breastfeeding for Clarity PM.

Application Area


Skin Type

Oily and normal.


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